Fund Management

The Notable Capital Fund is managed by Notable Capital Management LLC. The management LLC is comprised of three principal partners which have over 25 years of combined experience in real estate investing.


Scott R. Ruzich

Scott is a note investor, entrepreneur and business owner. In addition to his active contribution to Notable Investments, he has started and continues to manage his company, Epic AVA which catering caters to technology, specifically in the luxury home business.

Over the last 3 years Mr. Ruzich has joined Notable Investments, LLC to serve as investor and partner with Josh. His role with the Notable Capital Fund will be investor relations and business development.

Joshua N. Andrews

Josh Andrews is author of Paper Profits – How to Buy and Profit from Notes: A Beginners Guide. Published in 2017, this book more than any other has helped de-mystify the opportunity notes and mortgages provide to the everyday investor.

Since 2012 Josh has been actively buying, selling and modifying distressed Mortgage Loans. He specializes in non-performing and distressed assets. In addition to his own portfolio, he mentors other investors looking to invest both actively and passively, with an emphasis on assets secured by real estate. His specialty is asset due diligence, market data and forecasting.

Bob Malecki

Bob Malecki is a professional real estate investor located in Kingston Washington, about 30 miles west of Seattle. Since 2006, Bob has been involved with the acquisition and management of distressed real estate assets including non performing notes and single/multi-family properties in key markets in the U.S. His fund management experience includes the creation and management of multiple private equity funds, including Resolution Capital Management LLC which manages a series of private equity funds designed to acquire senior distressed residential mortgage debt, and more recently the Notable Capital Fund where he will be responsible for compliance guidance, business development and operational oversight.