Finding Opportunities With Distressed Debt

The Notable Capital Fund specializes in acquiring in debt instruments secured by tangible real estate. These can be performing, re-performing, or even non-performing assets. Each asset class has it’s own financial model and different risk/reward scenarios. These are the kind of assets we acquire in our portfolio.

Attention Borrowers: If you are experiencing a hardship from the Covid-19 pandemic and would like
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What We Do

We source distressed mortgages via relationships with banks, hedge funds, and private equity groups. These assets may be purchased as ‘one-offs’ or as a small pool of mortgages.

How We Do It

By acquiring defaulted or distressed mortgages and working with the borrower to modify their loan, we help borrowers remain in their home and deliver superior returns for the benefit of our investors.

Our Opportunity

With over $220 billion of extremely distressed mortgage debt being sold on the secondary market by financial institutions, there has never been a better time to leverage the opportunity in distressed debt.

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Investing in mortgage notes (sometimes referred to simply as “notes” or “paper”) is safer, more predictable, and yields much higher returns on average than other real estate asset classes.